Foggy Morning in the Mountains

We usually see a lot more fogginess in the Springtime when there often is rain and cool nights. This Winter has so far been a little topsy-turvy, warm then frigid then warm again, so we’ve seen our share of fog lately. No snow to mention except for a little dusting one time.

Yesterday, I ventured out to see what cloud formations I might find to photograph after a rainy night with a partly cloudy day promised by the weather forecast. It was mostly cloudy for starters then it became overcast.

Looking down the mountain ridge and across the valley from a higher vantage point than the road, you could see how the fog settled in the low areas.

Foggy Mountain Morning
Foggy Mountain Morning

Can you see the car headlights on the country road that snakes through the hills?

A black and white treatment seemed fitting for this very grey scene. A light rain rolled in and stopped the fun, but I now know a place to return to for more photo ops!

This view of the valley between mountain ridges is wonderful to watch as the seasons progress. Check out a color version of a similar scene as above that was taken a little higher on the hill.

Foggy Morning in the Valley
Foggy Morning in the Valley

In the color version barns are more visible and the colors of the planted and tilled farmland come out of hiding on the left.

As a landscape image I think it gives a pleasant relaxed feeling, and I can’t help wondering where the people in those cars are going.

To see either image in full size, visit Liz’s site on pixels.

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Dirt Lane Posted ‘No Trespassing Allowed’

Private property in rural areas is often posted with signs to let wanderers know that one more step means they’re trespassing on somebody else’s land.

Not something to be taken lightly in places where hunting is the outdoor activity of choice. Ya, be on your best behavior where so many people own shotguns.

Posted Sign Says No Trespassing Allowed
Posted Sign Says No Trespassing

I liked the image because of the posted sign warning trespassers to beware. That, and the dirt road going up the mountain, begs one to ask, “What’s going on up there?!”

The drab colors of this early winter shot screamed for a black and white finish.

Creepy thoughts abound when Halloween looms…what smart kid would walk up this lane at dusk hoping for a treat when they got to the top?

The posted sign that’s nailed to an old oak tree warns,

Name ___________________
Address ________________

Around these parts don’t think that ‘prosecution’ always involves the authorities either!

This No Trespassing image is available for greeting cards or prints from my site on Fine Art America.

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