Lucky Star Zooms Between Orion and The Pleiades

I don’t often set the alarm for 2:45am, but when I do it’s stellar!

Man! 2020 so far has been a year of unprecedented bizarreness where real life has taken on the feel of a science fiction story.

It’s only fitting that something good has come of it. I mean, afterall, we gotta do things differently up here on the mountain ridge!

Got outta bed, downstairs and in my boots before the cat knew what’s up. Had the camera set up earlier in the evening ready to try my luck.

Would the clouds stay away? Would it become too foggy too soon for me to see the stars?

I can’t believe I was lucky to get a good view of Orion and The Pleiades between these large oak trees at 3 o’clock in the morning. I should stay up more.

Here’s my lucky star!

Night view of the stars around Orion and The Pleiades with a meteor streaking between the two constellations.
Orionid meteor streaks between Orion and The Pleiades constellations.

That’s it! The image above is the camera’s jpg trimmed down to size for posting here. Taken with Canon T4i camera with wide angle lens EFS 10-18mm, 25 sec., f/5.6, 1600 ISO using a tripod and timer. Looking southeast, 3:41am, 23Oct2020.

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