Dirt Lane Posted ‘No Trespassing Allowed’

Private property in rural areas is often posted with signs to let wanderers know that one more step means they’re trespassing on somebody else’s land.

Not something to be taken lightly in places where hunting is the outdoor activity of choice. Ya, be on your best behavior where so many people own shotguns.

Posted Sign Says No Trespassing Allowed
Posted Sign Says No Trespassing

I liked the image because of the posted sign warning trespassers to beware. That, and the dirt road going up the mountain, begs one to ask, “What’s going on up there?!”

The drab colors of this early winter shot screamed for a black and white finish.

Creepy thoughts abound when Halloween looms…what smart kid would walk up this lane at dusk hoping for a treat when they got to the top?

The posted sign that’s nailed to an old oak tree warns,

Name ___________________
Address ________________

Around these parts don’t think that ‘prosecution’ always involves the authorities either!

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Barn Kitty Says Hello

As barn cats do, this little guy just wouldn’t come closer no matter how many times I said, “Here, kitty kitty!”

Barn cat says hello from a safe distance.
This barn kitty peeks out from his secret entrance to say Hello.

He was at first soaking up the rays of the sun at the side of the barn, but when I stepped closer he ran around to his secret entrance where he could feel safe and look out at me.

This yellow-eyed cat was showing his curious nature by saying hello from a safe distance inside the barn.

I liked the rough edges of the barn wood with its chipping paint and character marks here and there.

This Barn Cat Hello image is available for greeting cards or prints from my site on Fine Art America.

Super Blood Moon Eclipse

Super Blood Harvest Full Moon Eclipse Sep 27, 2015

Super Blood Moon
Super Blood Moon

Just posted a video of my best images from last night’s lunar eclipse of the moon on youtube, check it out: Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Sep 27, 2015

Heavenly Eclipse of the Full Moon
Heavenly Eclipse of the Full Moon

As the clouds got in the way I finally called it quits, but I did like how the bright moon appeared so heavenly…as if it was beckoning us.