Nature Photography by Lizabeth Allyn

Amphibian and Reptile Links and Resources

Amphibians and Reptiles are studied at the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center. Download a free PDF document listing the 90 species of amphibians that inhabit the Northeastern US, which includes 59 Salamanders and 31 Frogs and Toads. Each species is identified as to its status as a native or whether it was introduced to each of the 13 states in the Northeast region, and whether the species is under a protective status.

Think you know all the frog species in your state? Take the Frog Quiz to find out! View your state list of frogs before you take the quiz – you might be surprised! Did you know there are 15 species of frogs in Pennsylvania and 25 different kinds of frogs in Virginia? (The states included are those in the eastern half of the United States.)

Listen to frog calls by choosing a common frog name or scientific name from the provided list.

The Amphibian Research and Monitoring Initiative has produced a National Atlas for Amphibian Distributions. Here, you can browse county-based distribution maps of Anura, the frogs and toads, and of Caudata, the salamanders, for the entire United States.

Check out this North American Tadpole Tutorial to learn everything you ever wanted to know about tadpole morphology and the features that are used to identify these young frogs!